I can’t imagine a better family vacation than Cobblestone Lodge

I can’t imagine a better family vacation than Cobblestone Lodge.  Whether you want to stay busy all the

time, do some serious relaxing, or a combination of the two, Cobblestone is a great place to recharge

the batteries.  The floats are great, the primary reasons to visit.  This section of the Meramec, although

very gentle, still provides many places for swimming, paddling, or just letting the river pull you along.

We have seen many deer, wild turkeys, otters, eagles and blue herons as well as some tamer wildlife like

mud turtles, squirrels and lots of bass, trout and bluegill along this stretch of the river.  Whether you’re

in a canoe, raft or inner tube, you’ll find it a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.  And the Meramec

seems to be cleaner every year, thanks to the efforts of the MDC, the outfitters, and the floaters


If you’re not on the river, the pool is the place to be during the day.  Plenty of room for the kids to have

fun and the patio is large enough to let you sit in a quiet comer and enjoy a book or a nap (if you don’t

mind the occasional cry of “Marco” followed by the inevitable “Polo!”  Many games of Scrabble, Rummy,

and Zilch have been interrupted because someone had to “cool off in the pool.”  And if you’ve overdone

it, the hot tub is just the thing for those sore muscles.

The morning tournaments give you a chance to give in to your competitive side.  But it’s usually better

to be lucky than good.  Speaking of luck, if you’re lucky enough to get a rainy day, they move the

tournament indoors and you play a game called “Tippo Toss” which is unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Imagine a cross between jacks and lawn darts, played indoors. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh out


The evenings are filled with activities, too.  From the volleyball game right after dinner to the dancing

and games, you get a chance to interact with people you didn’t know on Sunday.  By Monday you’re

trying to figure out who your common friends are, and by Saturday night you are sending Facebook

friend requests.  And if you like to stay up late, the gazebo has seen many late-night games of Trivial

Pursuit and various card games.

The cabins are rustic, but clean. It’s a comfortable place to shower and sleep. But you’ll find you are

rarely in your cabin anyway.  So, you won’t have time to notice the light dims when the AC kicks in. It is a

rural area, after all.

Finally, there’s the food. It would never be confused with Tony’s in St. Louis, but it’s still very good.  The

kind of “comfort food” we grew up on, like fried chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy. And a

good breakfast to kick off the day. Always plenty to eat and served family style so you’ll feel like you

went back in time just having the whole family sit down together three times a day. It’s one of the best

parts of the visit.

And “visit” is an accurate description.  For you not only come to enjoy the place but also the people,

from the other guests to the wait staff, and especially the Layton’s themselves.  They truly make you

“feel at home.”  Several times I have asked my three kids if they wanted to try something new for

vacation, and they always said “No! We have to go back to Cobblestone!”  My daughters brought their

boyfriends (one is now a son-in-law) and my son has brought his girlfriend and they can’t wait to go

back.  My grandson is now part of the family fun, and he is the fourth generation of the family to visit

Cobblestone. -Jim R.