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Cobblestone Lodge Staff Policies

rev. 06/2022

At Cobblestone Lodge we are a team, working together to help ensure that each guest has a wonderful, enriching experience.

i. Overview of General Rules & Important Policies

No one at any given time is to be behind or walk through counter area. (Except for housekeepers during morning cleaning and counter staff)
No visitors at anytime! If someone is picking you up or dropping you off, they need to do so at the employee parking area.
-If someone is unable to make it to work or needs to leave early it is their responsibility to find another person in their department to cover for them with our approval.
Do not ask for an early paycheck or pay advances. Paychecks available at 4:00pm on Fri.
No smoking in any building or work vehicles.
If purchasing snacks/sodas/etc… from counter it must be on break time only. Purchases can only be made when a counter staff employee/owner is present. Do not self serve when counter is closed or unattended.
No cell phones, radios, mp3 players ect. during working hours. (((This includes texting)))
-No employees are allowed to use any guest facilities without consent.
-Bringing any kind of, being in possession of, and/or under the influence of any illegal substance, alcohol, and/or firearms while on resort property is strictly prohibited!
Lunch only is provided to employees.
Dress appropriately for work! For example: If it is raining wear/bring ponchos or rain jackets if working outdoors. If it is hot wear comfortable attire. You will not be able to go home during work hours to get these items or change. (Dining staff has a dress code.)
-If you need a certain day off you must let us know at least two weeks in advance. (Post these dates with your name above the time clock)
Keep personal matters private. If you need to discuss these matters with us, ask to set up a time were we can talk privately away from guests and other employees.
-Cigarette butts are to be thrown in can behind resort. Do not through on grounds. Our grounds workers try to keep our grounds looking nice.
-Work as a team. Do not say, “It isn’t my job.” If someone needs help and you have time help them.
Employees are allotted a 10 minute break for every 5 hours worked in addition to a 30 minute lunch break. Additional breaks will be docked from pay. Employees are excepted to stay busy during working hours.

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ii. Cobblestone Lodge Policies & Code of Conduct & Dress

-As an employee of Cobblestone Lodge, you represent the resort when you are at here and when you are out and about in the community. Always act appropriately.
-We expect each sta
ff member to be here for all of the days in which he/she is scheduled to work.
-Employees are allotted a 10 minute break for every 5 hours worked in addition to a 30 minute lunch break. We operate in an environment in which there is always something that can be done. If idle or uncertain what tasks to do next find an owner/ manager to ask. Excessive breaks will be observed and can result in docked pay for the duration of the break. In most cases this translates to (1) 10-minute break for most departments between the hours of 6:30am through 12:00pm, applying to those who began work at 6:30am.

-Staff are not permitted to use cell phones during working hours unless it is for a resort purpose or in the rare case of an emergency. Phones need to remain either in a vehicle, locker or stowed away with any personal belongings.
ff is expected to dress appropriately. If it is raining wear/bring ponchos or rain jackets if working outdoors. If it is hot wear comfortable attire. You will not be able to go home during work hours to get these items or change. (Dining staff has a dress code.)

-Staff is responsible for the care and use of all equipment, tools, and equipment. All employees are to keep everything they work with orderly, in good operable condition, and must be certain to place such things in their proper place.
ff must help keep the resort property clean.
-You must report any unethical or illegal behavior to an owner/manager. -Smoking, drinking, the procession or use of any illegal substance is cause for immediate dismissal and/or criminal charges.

-Any physical force used against a guest is grounds for immediate dismissal/charges.
-Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal/charges.
Staff is not allowed to have any visitors at the camp. Cobblestone Lodge is private property, only those who are here for work

and paying guests are allowed.
-Cobblestone Lodge is not responsible for any damage, theft, or incidents related to your car if you drive to work.
-Cobblestone Lodge is not responsible for any personal items you bring to camp and in fact suggests you do not bring anything valuable onto resort property.
-The employment agreement may be terminated at any time, without cause, at the discretion of the owner/operator(s).

-Cobblestone Lodge provides equal opportunity to employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.
-Cobblestone Lodge does not allow personal sports equipment, animals or weapons to be brought to camp.
– You are responsible for any personal possessions that you bring to camp that is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Please do not bring to camp:
Any substantial amount of money
Electronics (hand-held gaming devices, iPods, etc). Though you might
have a cell phone at the resort, we expect that you do not use it for
personal use while you are on duty.
Expensive clothing, jewelry, or accessories.
It is important to remember that our guests are impressionable and look to you as a representation of our business and image. With these considerations in mind, we have established some limited guidelines for dress and grooming.
You are expected to dress comfortably in a way that will allow you to participate in the various activities. Clothing should be tasteful and not explicitly sexual. We suggest that jewelry be kept to a minimum. It is unsafe to wear large dangle or hoop earrings. Sneakers or sports-type footwear must be worn at all times. No open- toed sandals or shoes are permitted.
iii. Absences & Sick Days

  • –  Cobblestone Lodge operates primarily during the spring and summer months. We need and expect our staff to be there each

    day scheduled when we are open. It presents a hardship to other staff members when someone is absent. The only reason for

    an absence is if the staff member is legitimately ill or if there is a dire family emergency. Staff is not paid for any time not at

  • –  work.

    A staff member that is repeatedly late to work, misses multiple days, and routinely exceeds the time allotted for breaks and/or

    lunches will be subject to termination.

iv. Sexual Harassment Policy
– Sexual harassment is “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, slurs, jokes and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.” Our goal at Cobblestone Lodge is to maintain an environment free of sexual harassment.
Any work-related complaints should be filed with the Owner/Operator(s). All reports of sexual harassment will be kept confidential and will be promptly investigated. Cobblestone Lodge will take appropriate disciplinary action against any employees who are found to have engaged in sexual harassment, up to and including discharge. We assure you that there will be no retaliatory action taken against an employee who makes a good faith report of sexual harassment.
v. Internet & Communications Code of Conduct
– Cobblestone Lodge is dedicated to providing a safe, wholesome, healthy, fun-filled environment for our campers where they can grow and thrive. We rely on our sta
ff to provide such an atmosphere; and we are diligent in our hiring practices, staff training and communication policies to insure that staff understands the responsibilities they have with regard to modeling appropriate behavior to our guests.
We recognize that our sta
ff has a private life outside the boundaries of camp and we expect that our staff conducts their private lives with integrity and decorum. The romantic life of our employees and the manner in which employees spend their leisure time should remain private. We have no interest in ‘policing’ the private lives of our staff, and yet, with the advent of increased technology and public access to the Internet, the line between one’s private life and public life can become blurred.
We expect our sta
ff will:
– Never discuss personal aspects of any guests or co-workers on blogs, social
networking sites or with any individuals who do not need to know the personal information of others. Sta
ff needs to be mindful and respectful of our resort community and never disclose or discuss confidential or proprietary information.
– Never use the internet as a vehicle for gossip, to spread rumors or speak in a derogatory manner about Cobblestone Lodge, guests or sta
ff members.
– Never post pictures or videos that would be considered unprofessional or would in any way compromise your ability to be viewed as an upstanding employee.
ff members are not to be engaged in any on line relationship with any guests.
– Sta
ff must never post, tag, or publish a picture of a guest on the internet or send pictures via cell phone, e-mail or instant message.
Our Internet policy is consistent with our values. We need for all our employees to read our policy carefully prior to accepting a position at Cobblestone Lodge. It is our expectation that our entire sta
ff will adhere to our policy. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of employment.
vi. Alcohol & Substance Abuse Policy/Smoking & Tobacco Policy
Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not permitted on the property of Cobblestone Lodge nor are staff members

permitted to be intoxicated while at work or at a Cobblestone Lodge sponsored event. The use of tobacco products of any kind are permitted only during break periods. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Failure to follow this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal. Illegal substances may result in prosecution.

vii. Lost & Found
There are two areas at Cobblestone Lodge that are designated as lost and found. One area is the front desk/counter in the

recreation hall; the other is on one of the tables by the pool. If any of our guests are missing something, after you check the spot where they might have left it, you should check these lost and found areas. In addition, if you find something lying around camp that does not have a clear owner, you should bring it to one of these two lost and founds. Under no circumstances are staff members allowed to take something that does not belong to them.

viii. Resort & Grounds Maintenance
Cobblestone Lodge feels it is offering our guests the very best facilities. Our maintenance team work hard each day to ensure

the property is pristine. We ask that all staff work with us to help keep the property clean and orderly. Take pride in the resort and help us maintain these grounds and encourage our guests to do the same. Garbage cans are available throughout the camp. PLEASE USE THEM!

ix. Food Policies
– We provide lunch during the primary operating months of our season. We do not provide breakfast or dinner. Sta
ff members may bring snacks/drinks with them during to eat during breaks or at lunchtime. We do not have microwaves or coolers available for food or beverages, therefore, it is the staff member’s responsibility to plan accordingly.
x. Reputation
– As a sta
ff member at Cobblestone Lodge, you represent the resort. This means:
How you behave is a reflection on both you and resort, especially when you are at camp or wearing anything with the camp logo or name appearing on it.
The internet is a public space and as such is a place where the public can view you and make assessments as to your character.
Cobblestone Lodge reserves the right to not hire you, terminate your employment or not rehire you if your offline or online

behavior, before, during or after the camp season, causes serious concern about you judgment or professionalism.
xi. Privacy
– We respect the privacy of our guests and our sta
ff. This means:
Staff is never allowed to share, modify, post or send photographs of
guests. Photographs taken at Cobblestone Lodge are the property of Cobblestone Lodge and
only to be used by Cobblestone Lodge.
Staff is never allowed to photograph campers engaged in a private
activity such as using the bathroom or changing.
You must exercise restrictions on guest access to your phone number,
cell phone number, e-mail address, screen name, social networking sites such as MySpace or FaceBook, etc.
The Internet is public space and is accessible to guests, to co-workers,
to the public at large. How you portray yourself on line is ultimately not private. Keep that in mind when making decisions about what you say and do.
xii. Equipment & Tools
Any equipment or tools that are required for a camp activity should be acquired from designated pre-established locations in

your department. At the end of each activity/task/chore, equipment should be immediately returned to its proper place. Under no circumstances are staff members allowed to take any property not belonging to them, including but not limited to equipment & tools, and remove them from the property.

xii. Procedures for criminal conduct

  • –  Theft: A staff member is never to remove anything from the property that doesn’t belong to them. This applies to, but is not

    limited to, Cobblestone Lodge property, guest property, property that a guest may have left behind, etc… If a theft should occur and there is evidence of misconduct or a reasonable and well supported conjecture or suspicion, then the following method(s) of approach apply. Firstly, the theft or burglary, if witnessed or suspected should be reported immediately to the owner/operator(s). Based on the unique variables of an incident a determination will be made whether or not to suspend/ terminate the offender. The law does require a reasonable basis for a search. Cobblestone Lodge does not need a warrant or probable cause to conduct a search of a staff member’s vehicle, or personal property should there be justifiable reason and/or evidence. The scope of such a search will be limited to where the item(s) being sought are likely being stored or kept. This approach also may include areas of diminished expectation of privacy like areas where others have access, not exclusively designated for personal use. As such all staff members, as a condition of employment, give Cobblestone Lodge their consent or acquiescence to employer search(s) should there be evidence of theft or reasonable cause. We respect the reasonable expectation of privacy of our employees and only under these particular set of circumstances will this type of action be taken.

  • –  Authorities will be notified if such a circumstance takes place. xiii. Procedures for health and accident emergencies

    Check for noticeable injuries and control bleeding. IF a guest is injured and registers a complaint involving his/her head, neck, back, or the slightest possibility of a broken bone, DO NOT MOVE THE INJURED GUEST. Keep the camper calm and perfectly still while you send someone for an ambulance. Move other guests away from the injured guest and try to keep the situation as calm as possible. If a child is injured never leave him/her unattended.

    Have someone who witnessed the accident available to give details to the responders. The following are general first aid procedures:
    1. REMAIN Calm. Act quickly but carefully.
    2. DETERMINE – WHO is injured? WHAT part of the body is injured?

    HOW did it happen (e.g., fell down, bumped head, hurt arm, etc.)?
    3. SEND FOR HELP. Call 911.
    Provide basic injury information so medical help will know what type of first aid equipment to bring.

PRIORITY! Whenever there is bleeding, put on rubber gloves and
follow universal precautions.
5. BREATHING: Ensure individual has an open airway and give mouth to mouth or mouth to nose artificial respiration.
6. BLEEDING: Control severe bleeding by use of direct pressure on wound and or applying pressure to major pressure points. ELEVATE INJURED AREA IF POSSIBLE.

7. SHOCK: Keep injured person lying down if possible. Cover person if they feel cold or have chills. Elevate legs. Reassure person.
8. KEEP SPECTATORS/GROUPS AWAY: Send them to another area where supervision is available or seek assistance from another sta
ff member.

** Cobblestone Lodge reserves the right to make any amendments, changes, or additions to any or all staff policies. **