Safe Stay Plan

Last Updated: 07/30/2021

Cobblestone & COVID-19. Our Response and Plan Moving Forward.

Cobblestone Lodge is a special place where our guests go to disconnect and get away from the stresses they face in their daily lives and reconnect with what is most precious to them: family, friends, and a warm and inviting environment. As such, Cobblestone Lodge has made preparations to be sure that you and your family remain safe and healthy during your visit. We thank you for your trust in us when planning your vacation.

Here in the Ozark foothills it is easy to practice Social Distancing thanks to our open and broad rural area. Feel free to walk freely, stay in your private cabin, take a river float or a hike. We’ve added property wide wi-fi that reaches most cabins so you can keep in touch without needing to gather in the Lodge. And while we’ve always placed a premium on cleanliness, our new housekeeping standards will leave you confident that your space has been properly and thoroughly sanitized. To make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible, you can expect to see the following changes and enhancements:

*These policy changes and guidelines are temporary, however, will remain in effect until such a time that COVID-19 risks are of little or no concern. Our cancellation policy has been changed to 14 days instead of our usual 30 day policy. Some aspects of the Safe Stay plan supersede our regular terms & conditions.

Come Healthy, Stay Healthy

If you have been sick, have recently been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you wait at least a couple of weeks before you visit us. If you need to change your travel dates to allow you to be sure you are well, let us know. We can help you reschedule your trip for a time when you know you will be able to fully enjoy your vacation and not risk exposing others. We want you to travel safely and stay well, for the good of yourself and the people around you. So when you decide to travel, please follow the guidelines put out by the CDC: wash your hands, cover your cough, practice social distancing, avoid exposing others and if you feel sick or have a fever, consult your healthcare professional.

Contact-Free Check-In Option

We have created the option to check-in up to 4 days or earlier prior to your date of arrival. This will give us time to email you a reservation receipt, make any changes, or to address any discrepancies prior to your arrival. Please CLICK HERE to check in or you can call us at 1-800-453-6002. Upon your arrival we will give you your cabin key and you are able to skip the traditional check-in process at our front desk.

Our Promise

Our Promise to You

  • Maintain aggressive cleaning protocols throughout all facilities by cleaning and sanitizing
  • Provide readily available hand sanitizer around the property
  • Train all our employees on the necessary measures that ensure the safety of our guests and staff
  • Use masks and personal protective equipment, where and when practical to do so
  • Provide as much of the Cobblestone Lodge experience and modify what we must to ensure the the well-being of all
  • Be here for you. If you need anything at all, we’re here to assist in making your experience the best that it can be

Your Promise to Us

We’re all in this together, we ask that in reciprocation you make a promise to us; that you will follow our guidance and general knowledge while enjoying our facility so we can all be healthy and happy together.

We ask that you promise to:

    • Practice good hygiene
    • Please wear your mask in accordance with current mask guidelines & CDC recommendations
    • Be conscientious of those around you and respect the experience of others
    • Be patient and kind through this journey; a little understanding and hospitality on both sides will go a long way
    • Not lose sight of what’s most important, enjoy your time with us and reconnecting with your family
    • If you have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been recently exposed, we ask that you postpone or cancel your trip.
To help you feel confident in planning your vacation, here are some of the actions we have taken to protect your safety during this time of insecurity:

Mask Policy as of 06/2021

If you are vaccinated, masks are not required. If you are unvaccinated masks are recommended when inside our lodge building, dining room, vans or within close proximity of others.

Occupancy Limits

Due to the intimate size and nature of our resort, we have reduced our operating capacity leaving more space for our guests when indoors or outside.


Our laundry facility will be using enhanced disinfecting and cleaning products and high temperature wash cycles. Our guest laundry machines will be available, however, we encourage regular use of disinfectant spray before touching any surfaces.

Food Safety

Restaurants, perhaps more than any other industry, have been on the forefront of health and safety requirements for decades. We always practice safe food handling skills, from wearing gloves and washing hands to temping food to serve it hot or cold. Our indoor dining will be open, however, we have made some notable changes to the way in which we operate. Our breakfast, served between 8:00am – 9:00am, will include a daily rotation of options like pastries, toast, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, muffins, cereal, bagels, sliced meats, cheese, coffee, tea, etc… This meal will be served buffet style with a staff member selecting your items for you. Lunch (12:00pm) and Dinner (5:00pm) will be served family style. Tables will be spaced apart from one another and no more than 6 guests at a table.

Float Trips

All of our river floats will be offered in the same manner as originally planned for 2020 and will be included in your stay. Guests may book one float each day ensuring we are able to accommodate everyone and ensure all have access to take advantage of our float trips. This also enables us to transport everyone in a safe manner and eliminates the risk of overbooking. We also ask that everyone reserves, makes any changes, or cancellations on our float sheets no later than one hour before float time and that everyone signs up for the exact number of people in their party. After this time no further changes can be made. This is so that our staff has time to prepare the float accordingly and no-one misses an opportunity to go. The float sheets for the following day will be placed at the counter at 2:00pm each day, giving priority to those that aren’t currently on the river. All policies regarding float trips will be posted at the counter in our recreation hall. Masks will be mandatory anytime you are traveling in our shuttle to or from the river. We are unable to carry more than fourteen guests in a passenger van. Windows will be open to ensure good ventilation and all life preservers, cushions, tubes, and paddles will be sanitized after every trip.

Pool, Hot Tub, and Wading Pool

The pool area is available from 9:00am – 10:00pm every day. We will clean and disinfect all surfaces each day and water chemistry will be maintained at CDC recommendations. (around pH 7.2–7.8 and a free chlorine concentration of at least 1 ppm in pools and at least 3 ppm in hot tubs/spas.) We ask that only guests traveling together or within the same immediate family use the wading pool and hot tub at a time. The gate entering pool area must remain closed at all times.

Personal Hygiene

Proper and frequent hand-washing is vital to help combat the spread of viruses. Hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout the resort in places that people frequent.

Cleaning Products and Protocols

 We work with our partners and suppliers to make sure our cabins, lodge, and public spaces use recommended anti-bacterial and virus-killing products and cleaning procedures. We are cleaning and disinfecting shared surfaces like door handles, keys, pens, and sporting equipment between uses.

Indoor Facilities & Dining Hall

All centralized air-conditioning systems will have HEPA air filtration and high traffic areas will have high flow air purifiers all of which have filters capable of capturing almost 100% of ultra fine particles (at 0.01 micron) at below the 0.3-micron HEPA test standard. The enhanced air filtration and regular sanitizing practices are still no substitute for the efficiency of masks.


The cleaning process in cabins is much more comprehensive. We begin by using a machine that distributes atomized disinfectant, then the cabin is cleaned, and lastly all surfaces are sanitized. All air-conditioning filters are cleaned and sanitized between uses. These measures meet or exceed guidelines and take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, all Sunday arrivals and same day departures/arrivals in a cabin aren’t possible. This additional amount of time is necessary as we want to ensure all cabins are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for our guests. There will be no daily in-room housekeeping. We want to ensure that guests are the only ones in their own cabin. We provide one hand towel to each guest for the duration of their stay, however, we do not provide bath towels or washcloths. We recommend bringing your own bath towels, washcloths, and beach towels for use at the pool or river. We ask that all guests place trash into the receptacle outside of their cabin during their stay and prior to departure. Trash cans outside of cabin will be collected daily and sanitized. We will provide liners for the small trashcans inside of the cabin. We ask guests to remove all trash from the cabin, place all towels in the tub or shower, and to leave the cabin in the same condition it was in upon arrival. These considerations help minimize risk to staff and the next occupants, enable us to focus our time on proper cleaning and sanitizing, and will greatly reduce the time needed. If there are any maintenance issues or if you need new bed linens please contact the front desk.


All of our outdoor playgrounds and equipment will be available and sanitized regularly. We recommend only those traveling together or within the same immediate family utilizing the same activity at a given time. As such, we ask guests to be courteous of others too. For example, please allow a reasonable time frame on the trampoline so that others may use it afterwards. Other recreational equipment that can be checked out from the front desk like badminton, archery, bocceball, disc golf, board games, etc… will be sanitized after each use. We ask that you return these when finished so that we can make the equipment available to the next guest.


Our entertainment program will be more limited than normal, however, we will be doing our best to offer as much as possible in a safe and responsible manner. The majority of our entertainment will be outdoors and if participating in an activity like a tournament we ask that you follow the current mask guidelines and recommendations above.

We’re Here To Help

We’re doing a lot to keep you safe and we can’t describe every process in detail. Rest assured that your safety, and that of our employees, are our highest priority. If you have questions about any processes you haven’t seen described here, or if you have special needs or requests to allow us to better accommodate you, please call us at (800) 453-6002 or email us at